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Someone better release A Series of Unfortunate Events on blu-ray sometime in the near future before I go insane.

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This game has a ton of things that I fancy: secluded wooded islands, mystery, horror, nice art direction, and lots of fog.

It angers me knowing this is an Xbox360 exclusive title and I won’t be able to play it. Luckily, Krista has one though, and this should be right up her alley, too. I foresee me inviting myself over with a box of frozen waffles and six-pack of Smirnoff Ice in the near future. ^_^

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I’m slowly importing and reformatting old posts from Midsweet(Wonder). I was stupid with my post and image formatting, which made it impossible to ever ugrade to a new layout or blog. I’ve learned my lesson now.

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Minimally entertaining. Moderately disturbing. Mostly beautiful. The best part of the film was the cinematography of certain scenes. Particularly the shots of the foggy forest or strange occurrences.