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Say hello to my newly adopted girls, Lily and Ruby.

Their gorgeous little pod / nesting house is actually a ceramic hanging utensil holder called ASKER from IKEA. I got the idea from the lovely Anna at Door Sixteen.

The little egg shaped dishes are Norrora, from Ikea also. I couldn’t find them on the website, but they’re soap dishes coincidently made of the same material as Asker. Of course, gerbils bury their food so the pretty bowls are piled under bedding now, haha.

Since taking the first two pictures, I’ve added another little piece of furniture to their house: a white ceramic oil burner (of the exact same finish as the rest; these gerbils’ room matches better than mine!) that I got as a holiday set from Method a few years ago. I have two, and luckily this one hadn’t even been used yet. It stands up properly, has a dish on top for holding food / seeds / treats, and has a tunnel for them to run through / hide in underneath.

And here I am looking like a total nerd with Lily. Ruby has been extremely shy lately for some reason, where as the first two days it was she who was the brave one.

Oh yeah, Ruby is the dark grey one running around through the oil burner. And Lily, who’s a shade or two lighter—she’s in the back being sleepy / camera shy.