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For the second year in a row, I’ve scored a bunch of really awesome foil wrapping paper from Marshall and T.J.Maxx. This time, I went with gold, silver and white. My favorite two are the deer head print and [right below it] the gold faux bois.

Wrapstar 2012

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I have a beautiful HDTV for a reason: so things look nice. Most networks have stepped up their game, so now it’s time for the onscreen guide to do the same. I’ve done the conceptual work for you, cable providers. Please just make it happen.

Let me be able to choose a color or give me some level of customization. I enjoy changing the color scheme on my Playstation 3 and would enjoy doing it here too.

Get rid of those banner ads that are everywhere. As if I don’t watch enough advertising on the channels themselves. I’m sure it’s not going to make that much of a dent in your profit.

Overall, just be smart and use the screen estate that is generously given by high definition resolutions wisely. I know you can do it!

PS: Yes, I know these schedules make no sense, nor do the times and dates. I just pulled all the information randomly for the sake of having placeholder text.

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For the first time in years, I am actually getting Christmas cards sent out. Sure, they’re going to either be last minute or late. But hey, it’s one step in the right direction.

Thanks to Hallmark for these adorable and high-quality cards. Even bigger thanks to last year’s day-after-xmas sale for getting them at something like 90% off. An additional thank you to candy cane bakers twine for making everything even cuter.

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Yeah, so much for getting the T2i. I’m disappointed that I went with a point and shoot, but there are a few positive things attached:

  • I saved $600.
  • There’s a good chance I will be under the influence for some of the trip. Maybe it’s a good thing going this route.
  • When I’m done with it, voila! Late christmas present for my mother. She’s been wanting a new digital camera.
  • I can just take my old 35mm film slr for some more hand-crafted shots.

What I like most about it, the display is a touchscreen and it has a touch-to-focus-here-or-there feature almost identical to the iPhone. Plus it’s tiny, light and pretty darn cute. Especially when all closed up.

Looks like I’ll just put off buying a dslr another year, once again.

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Currently trying to justify that this is a rightful purchase. If I succeed, I will order tomorrow!

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If you’re anything like me, YOU LOVE BUYING SHIT. It’s as simple as that. Here is a last-minute list of things I’ve purchased (or at least wanted to) recently that make great gifts.

Fresh Balsam Wallflower

Not going to lie: I have an obsession with wallflowers and candles from Bath & Body Works. When the sales are going on, it’s impossible to stay away. This little gem is my absolute favorite thing at the moment. I have one in my room right now and I swear to Fortuna that it smells as if there is a real fresh-cut Christmas tree in here. Currently, for a starter kit (including a diffuser and one charge) or a two-pack of charges, it’s only $6.

AE Texting Gloves

For some reason, I always end up buying a new pair of gloves each year (when last year’s are still perfectly fine). Though, I always grab a new color. These $20 Men’s Texting Gloves from American Eagle are the best thing I’ve ever come across. They look like your typical fingerless gloves with the little hood to cover up those chilly digits, but there is a small slit on the bottom side of the thumb to allow the use of touch-screen phones. GENIUS. Nearly every other pair of gloves I’ve ever come across either has the thumb completely cut-off or completely covered.

Male & Female

If I recall correctly, I used to hate these. Now I’m not even entirely sure why. I do know I’ve changed my mind and these are fantastic. I would love a set (of most likely two men) to hang next to the front door of my (one day) house. I imagine they would go really well where the house number / mailbox / doorbell are. For $7 a piece, how could you resist a matte white porcelain un homme/un femme vase from CB2.


It’s clear I have an obsession with wood, or maybe just woodsy scents. Bath & Body Work’s men’s oak cologne is my scent of the season. Something about it smells vintage-y, warm, and kind of like ‘old man’. I know, that sounds creepy and possibly agist too. According to it’s actual description, it smells like juniper, cedar, nutmeg, coffee and musk among a dozen other things. He sells for $30 but there are almost always buy two get three free or buy two get one free deals.

Every Man Jack Cedar

Once again with the wood. This has a similar ‘scent note’ list as the oak cologne, but smells slightly different. As you’d expect, it has more of a clean body wash smell and less of a powerful cologne scent. It’s not overpowering, but I have noticed that when heading back into the bathroom a while after a shower I can still clearly smell the Every Man Jack cedarwood body wash. I got him at Target for $5, and also got his brother, the citrus body scrub.

Black Friday Gloves

And here we are with another pair of gloves. These women’s AE fingerless gloves cost only $4 on Black Friday and are one of my favorite purchases as of lately. Naturally, they don’t do a whole lot when it’s freezing cold out, but on those mild days they’re fantastic. I got the grey and white pair and they match nearly everything I own (seeing as how it’s almost all grey). If you’re interested, I saw a few pairs of these and also the other colors on clearance at American Eagle today for $6.

Cranberry Lime

It wouldn’t be a true ‘my favorite things’ post without alcohol mentioned somewhere. I was introduced to cranberry & lime Smirnoff malt beverages by a coworker earlier this year and I’m pretty sure I could drink them all-day, every-day for the rest of my life. I even drank them during Thanksgiving dinner this year. I hate beer, so when I want something just to sip on my only options are wine or the hassle of making a mixed drink. That’s when these come into play. They’re not the cheapest things (especially with Pennsylvania’s ridiculous liquor laws) at $9 for a 6-pack, but they are the same price as regular Smirnoff Ice and have a higher alcohol content.

There you have it. My favorite things. Sure I’ve made other purchases this year that I’ve absolutely loved (like my Sony Bravia HDTV and Playstation 3) but I wouldn’t really consider those gift-worthy. And if I stumble upon anything else phenomenal? I’ll append this post!