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I have three days left at my current job as a waiter, and knowing that this chapter of my life is fading out to make way for the next, is going to be the one of the most exciting yet heartbreaking moments of my life. I’ve formed some incredibly strong bonds and friendships with the people I work with, the people I work for, and the customers I’ve waited on.

My coworkers know where to find me and how to keep in touch, so I have no worries about maintaining relationships with them. The customers, however, are a different story. I’ve gotten to truly know a few of them (as they have gotten to know me, also) and so I’ve left them with little ‘keep in touch’ cards.

Flying The Coop

(The front side of the flat card)

Flying The Coop

(The back side, not scaled proportionally to the image above)


(One of many color variations for the front side of folded cards I’ve been using lately)

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