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I have a beautiful HDTV for a reason: so things look nice. Most networks have stepped up their game, so now it’s time for the onscreen guide to do the same. I’ve done the conceptual work for you, cable providers. Please just make it happen.

Let me be able to choose a color or give me some level of customization. I enjoy changing the color scheme on my Playstation 3 and would enjoy doing it here too.

Get rid of those banner ads that are everywhere. As if I don’t watch enough advertising on the channels themselves. I’m sure it’s not going to make that much of a dent in your profit.

Overall, just be smart and use the screen estate that is generously given by high definition resolutions wisely. I know you can do it!

PS: Yes, I know these schedules make no sense, nor do the times and dates. I just pulled all the information randomly for the sake of having placeholder text.

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