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The FFXIV Soundtrack from the Alpha Client leaked today and I was able to catch a listen before files got pulled. I am nearly creaming my pants just imagining what kinds of gameplay and visuals will be paired up with (some of) the amazing scores. The majority are amazing, but there are a few random tracks here and there that make me go, “huh?”

It’s all over the place, really. The music is Lord of the Rings. It’s Edward Scissorhands. It’s Celine Dion slow-rock power ballads, and Broadway musical hits. It’s classical ball-room music with heavy metal guitar riffs. That’s good, right? I suppose, although I’m not sure how exactly it fits into an MMO atmosphere. We’ll see.

For the past few Final Fantasies, Nobuo has only contributed a track or two here and there. This time around, it’s all Nobuo Uematsu‘s work.

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